Client Testimonials

Jason Fenner—Nebraska Blood Center Testimonial

Deciding on DRM Touch

“What stood out the most was the amount of control we had over the system versus having someone else host the system and us not owning the data and having the data on site where we can interact with it.”

Jason Fenner—Nebraska Blood Center

Mana Purata

Making the recruitment process more efficient

“The recruitment process used to be a tedious process but it's a snap now. We have a lot richer information; it is a very flexible product so we're able to configure it to our needs. It's meant that our recruitment staff is able to concentrate on the real job of marketing our service rather than fighting with the computer system.”

Mana Purata—New Zealand

Benefits of DRM

Well it gives us a centralized area for all of our recruitment, to our donor portal, to liaison, to our call center and everyone is working off the database which allows them to interact together and work as a team.”

Jason Fenner—Nebraska Blood Center

Our center is unlike most other community blood centers as we have a strong focus on Blood Bank membership in addition to donorship, so our marketing needs are unique," said Ken Hall, director, Information Technology for Blood Bank of Delmarva. "We considered other systems, but no one had the flexibility or capability to configure, or the desire to customize a program to assist with our needs. After working with Donor Dialogue to implement the system, we're confident we made the right decision. DRM Touch is flexible and configurable to assist us with our marketing requirements.”

Ken Hall-Blood Bank of Delmarva

Hoxworth Blood Center is pleased to be working with Donor Dialogue and adding its DRM Touch system to our recruitment portfolio. Donor Dialogue scored highest in our assessment of all other customer relationship management (CRM) options and we look forward to putting it into practice.”

Hoxworth Blood Center

"Communicating with donors using the most updated technology possible is essential in this business and one of the key reasons we needed donor relationship management software. We were also looking for a system that not only increased efficiencies, but scaled to our business.”

Marshall White - Lane Blood Center

"The ability for our donors to schedule their own donations and the need to eliminate labor-intensive paper procedures and systems were key to selecting Donor Dialogue's DRM Touch. Also appealing is that DRM Touch is already interfaced with Blood Bank Computer Software (BBCS Blood Management System) and in use by six other BBCS customers, demonstrating to us its effectiveness. We had no hesitation in selecting the new system and look forward to the improvements it will bring to our organization.”

Marshall White - Lane Blood Center

"We selected Donor Dialogue's DRM Touch because we needed a solid system to help us manage and track donors internally. Previously, we relied on manual processes, but as we continued to grow, that was quickly proven to be inefficient. With DRM Touch, we're now able to better target and market to potential donors to increase the number of blood donations. In addition, because we've eliminated manual processes, our team can now focus efforts elsewhere to improve overall operations.”

Cheryl Dilbeck - Saddleback Memorial

"DRM Touch provided the detailed information that we needed and the reports that we were looking for in a user friendly system. Donor Dialogue stood out from the competitor products for being the most competitive in price and relevant to the needs of our blood center. We have already seen a 7% increase in donors since implementing DRM Touch.”

Brenda Szych- Suncoast Communities Blood Bank

"During the purchasing process, I consulted with other blood centers to help determine which solution would best suit our needs. Donor Dialogue stood out from the competitor products for not only having an innovative product with a wide variety of capabilities that met our growing requirements, but also for being cost competitive and the most responsive to the needs of the client.”

Doug Klynstra - Michigan Blood