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Full Service Telerecruitment

Our highly trained staff of blood donor telerecruiters can increase your appointments, call efficiencies and overall donor recruitment. We can either mange or assist with your telerecruitment, allowing your staff to focus on the more critical and fundamental aspects of running your blood center.

Donor Dialogue helps facilitate Inbound and Outbound call services along with inquiries generated from your website. With our Multi-language capabilities, we are able to handle any and all communication on behalf of your organization.

Highly Targeted Outreach

No other major industry player can perform our specialized, extensive donor segmenting. With an almost infinite availability of campaign options and targeting strategies, we can develop tele-recruiting programs that are as granular as possible.

Active Donor Telerecruiting

We drill down within your active donor list and contact potential donors for general, whole blood drives and for specific platelet and plasma outreach.

Sponsor Drive Calling

Need to contact corporations and businesses to set up blood drives? No problem. We've been doing this for over 10 years and have the best strategies in the industry.

Campaign Strategy Consulting

Campaign Strategy Consulting

Create campaigns that are both cost effective and correlate with your overall goals and objectives. We customize each campaign to fit the organization and can make adjustments as needed.

Concern Management

Concern Management

Let us track and manage your concerns to ensure improvements are being achieved. We can also escalate issue to provide regulatory compliance and follow-up support to improve customer service.

Special Services

We have unique capabilities to address special donor scenarios such HLA Matching, Anti-Body Screening, and Rare Donor programs.

Let us mange or assist you with your telerecruiting, let your staff focus on your center's core business. Contact us at 800.516.1804