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DRM Touch Web Scheduler

We have taken a special sub-set of the Donor Relationship Management (DRM) Touch application and developed a product we call the DRM Touch Web Scheduler. This solution will allow you to keep track of your most valuable asset; the Donor.

The DRM Touch Web Scheduler was developed to provide access to market leading capabilities at an affordable price for organizations that do not need the complete DRM system or simple do not have the budget for one. The DRM Touch Web Scheduler is a "software service", imposing no technical infrastructure or support requirements on your donor program.

Donor Dialogue will host all technical infrastructure and support needed to run the DRM Web Scheduler. All you need to do is use the web to access a unique URL and sign-in to the application! The Donor Portal web site can also be easily integrated within your corporate web site.

Scheduling Module allows you to:

  • Create new donors and define their unique contact preferences
  • Schedule appointments for donors
  • Integrate with your Blood Management System to track actual donations/deferrals
  • Easy integration within your corporate website
  • Manage your Donor's affiliations with various Donation Groups
  • Search and update existing donors
  • Automatically send out appointment confirmation and reminders via e-mail, SMS texting and/or post-cards

To learn more about how you and your Donors can benefit from the DRM Touch Web Scheduler, contact us at 800.516.1804 or