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DRM Touch

Donor Relationship Management System

We have created a customer relationship management tool specifically for blood and plasma collection facilities. With the DRM Touch you can manage your entire recruitment process. Everything from generation of donor call lists, blood drive scheduling and management, donation appointment scheduling and tracking donations for donor loyalty programs can all be handled through one system. One of the greatest strengths of DRM Touch is the ability to create and track extraordinary marketing campaigns that drill down deep into targeted preferences and donor demographics.

DRM Touch lets you make sense of your data! You have a goldmine of customer data within your donor databases. Let us help you harness that power and place it at your fingertips. The DRM Touch system was developed as a "modular system". The system has six modules, two web portals and a Mobile Donor Portal Application for iPhone and Android phones. The Mobile Donor Portal App and the Integrated Online Rewards Store are Optional Modules.

DRM Touch Components