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Web Based Liaison Portal

The DRM Touch Liaison Portal is designed to provide tools and resources needed for the representative of the donation group, or liaison, to have a successful blood drive. Liaisons are extremely important and useful members of the blood drive team and can significantly impact the success of the drive by actively participating in the donor recruitment process.


  • Uniquely branded URL for each blood center
  • Easy drag and drop appointment scheduling with automatic appointment reminders
  • View current status of blood drive in correlation with drive goal
  • Gain insight with reporting tools for an analytic view of results
  • View performance of past, current and future blood drives
  • Promote blood drive information on social media sites
  • The sponsor can recruit, schedule and communicate to all donors that are associated with their group.
  • The communication can be sent to a donor through email, SMS Text, or phone.
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DRM Touch Components

Contact us today to learn how your liaisons can make blood collection scheduling easier with the DRM Touch Liaison Portal please contact us at 800.516.1804 or