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Campaign and Manual Dialer Module

Develop and implement powerful marketing campaigns. The DRM Touch allows you to create campaigns around specific donor types including active, lapsed, platelet, or plasma donors. You can also create campaigns around donors who could be converted into other donation categories.

In order to effectively communicate with donors, the DRM Touch supports a multitude of channels including but not limited to home, work, or mobile phone; primary or secondary email addresses, text messaging and direct mail.

Creating targeted campaigns with specific messaging is simple, efficient, and proven to be productive. You can quickly set up campaigns for manual execution, where you control all aspects of the program, or automatic execution, where DRM Touch automatically runs the campaigns for you. For instance, DRM Touch can automatically send out appointment confirmation emails and appointment reminders as well as post-appointment thank you notes.

Preference Marketing

Here is a small sample of data points that the DRM Touch integrates and makes easily accessible through your campaign strategies.

  • Preferred method of contact
  • Blood Type
  • Group affiliation
  • Donor loyalty points
  • Gender
  • Preferred phlebotomy types
  • Preferred geographies
  • Donation history
  • Feedback and concern history
  • Age
  • Ethnicity

DRM Touch can assist the blood and plasma industry in developing effective marketing strategies by shedding light on specific demographics and donor preferences that can make donation more convenient to donors while honoring the donor's preferences'.

Prospect Management

New in DRM Touch v2.5 is Prospect Management, allowing users to market directly to donor prospects. Managing "prospects" allows you to track individuals who are not active Donors or First-Time Donors. Donors or prospects can be included in various marketing campaigns. In today's environment you cannot afford to simply market to existing donors. You must reach out and 'market' to prospective donors.

Manual Dialer

For centers without auto dialers, DRM Touch's Manual Dialer feature allows for assignment of specific agents to detailed call lists (campaigns) while ensuring that the lists are called in the required order. A complete script (messaging) and call result codes are provided along with complete information about the donor for every call. Content and call results codes can easily be controlled.

For centers with auto dialers, utilize DRM Touch's Dialer integration option to easily integrate DRM Touch with your dialer. This option allows you to use the best features of DRM Touch along with the efficient dialing power of your auto dialer.

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