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Donor Dialogue Redesigns Website, More User-Friendly

Restructured website provides easy navigation for users along with new technical features

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. Feb. 20, 2013 — Donor Dialogue, a division of Dialogue Marketing, and provides products and services that assist blood and plasma collection facilities in reaching their operational and recruitment goals, announces the reconstruction of its old website to a new, more user-friendly design.

"We absolutely needed to update our website to better present our full capabilities." Douglas Emig, president of Donor Dialogue, said. "The new website accomplished this objective along with a providing a new, brighter look and feel for our customers and prospects. In addition, we have prepared the groundwork to add even more customer specific information and capabilities to our website that we plan to roll out in the upcoming months."

Donor Dialogue's website makeover involved technical and content updates.

Modifications made to the website include:

  • New layout design that makes it easy for users to explore the site and retrieve the information they seek
  • Updated content—ranging from articles to press releases
  • Products page and Services page received updated description with detail descriptions
  • Video feature for webinars (Donor Dialogue has already produced two webinars in 2013)

"Restructuring the website goes in conjunction with presenting Donor Dialogue's new products and services, including our advanced our DRM Touch Version 2.5 product set and Telerecruitment services." Douglas Emig said. "I strongly encourage all of our customers

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