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Donor Dialogue Offers DRM Touch as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution

Smaller hospitals and donor collection centers now positioned to benefit from DRM Touch functionality

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 18, 2011 — Donor Dialogue, a division of Dialogue Marketing, Inc., announced at the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) 2011 Conference, the availability of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its DRM Touch blood donor recruitment management system, called DRM Touch Web Scheduler.

Designed specifically for hospitals and smaller donor collection centers, the DRM Touch Web Scheduler is proven to help these smaller organizations more easily manage the entire recruitment process. Now available as an online, hosted solution, it enables hospitals and donor centers with fewer donors and financial resources to benefit from the many of the same capabilities that much larger centers using DRM Touch enjoy.

For more than 14 years, Donor Dialogue has served the blood collection industry’s donor recruitment needs through technology resources and expertise. With its suite of blood donor recruitment services, including DRM Touch and the new DRM Touch Web Scheduler, Donor Dialogue helps hospitals increase the operating efficiencies of their donor programs and enables blood centers to remain cost effective, which minimizes the overall need for blood resource sharing.

“We are committed to providing the blood industry with well-designed solutions that help improve overall operations,” said Doug Emig, president of Donor Dialogue. “Without a large capital expense or infrastructure investment, the DRM Touch Web Scheduler service offering will position smaller hospitals and collection centers to effectively improve their donor management and recruiting efforts. As a result, smaller facilities no longer have to compromise their donor recruitment management system due to cost and technology constraints.”

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