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Donor Dialogue Team Increases Blood Donor Show Rates

Auburn Hills, MI February 23, 2009— Kansas Community Blood Center has recently announced a significant increase in their blood donor show rates while using Donor Dialogue's telerecruitment services. "We have been using Donor Dialogue's telerecruitment services for six years now," stated David Graham, Director of Donor Services at Community Blood Center (Kansas), "and have shown significant results in increased appointments and show rates at our fixed locations since outsourcing our call center."

Outsourcing telerecruitment efforts enables your blood center to increase its pledge efforts, call efficiency, and overall donor recruitment while lowering costs. This allows your staff to spend more of there valuable time on the critical and fundamental aspects of running a blood center.

"We decided to outsource our telerecruitment to Donor Dialogue six years ago because our in-house call center was not showing results. Appointments and collections were down and we knew we needed our recruitment efforts handled by an industry telerecruitment expert. We heard Donor Dialogue was the best in delivering results so we gave them a try and couldn't be more pleased with the results."

David continues, "We were also able to take advantage of other services that we could not handle in-house by outsourcing to Donor Dialogue. We like how easy it is to run reports, analyze the results of our recruitment campaigns and get real-time appointment data."

Donor Dialogue has assisted Kansas Community Blood Center in their telerecruitment of active, lapsed and first time donors. In a one year time span the cold calling efforts of Donor Dialogue has averaged a retention rate of 36.26% in first-time donors while maintaining a 16% increase in show rates for active donors and a 4% increase in show rates for lapsed donors between 2007 and 2008.

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