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Donor Dialogue releases 2.0 version of Donor Relationship Management software

Auburn Hills, MI (PRWEB) August 6, 2008 — Donor Dialogue has released the 2.0 version of their Donor Relationship Management software, branded the “DRM Touch”. The DRM Touch is a module, web-based solution that manages the entire blood donor recruitment life cycle. This system offers personalized, yet systematic communication to help blood or plasma collection facilities reach their collection goals, while lowering marketing and recruitment costs.

The DRM Touch is based off of the original 2004 release but has many unique updates and functions that were developed and designed based on information obtained from DRM users. This upgraded system creates a complete picture of the donor by keeping record of a multitude of information such as donor preference, history, group memberships and even show rates. Scheduling donors has also been simplified for the blood center to allow management of both fixed and mobile sites while using the “scheduling intelligence” to pull donor eligibility. Other modules on the DRM Touch include campaign management and survey creation. Multiple blood centers have already been upgraded to this new version of the software with four more blood centers in the pipeline.

“Donor Dialogue is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative DRM Touch software. We have taken the insights of our DRM users and created a user- friendly solution that meets the needs and wants of the blood center. “states Pat Bezjak, President of Donor Dialogue. “We look forward to continually supporting our blood center clients with innovative new ways to create one-on-one relationships with their donors.”

DRM Touch leads the industry with innovation by developing creative and simple solutions to the most common problems blood centers encounter. This release only marks the beginning of the lifecycle for DRM Touch, with more innovative pieces of functionality already being developed for future releases.

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