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Donor Dialogue Releases Newly-Enhanced DRM Touch 2.5

Latest version helps blood centers lower recruitment costs, improve donor communication, drive donations

ST. LOUIS, May 14, 2012 — Donor Dialogue, a division of Dialogue Marketing, Inc., announced the release of its DRM Touch 2.5, the latest version of its customer relationship management software, which boasts several new features, including contact restrictions to limit the number of contacts to each donor as well as direct messaging to improve efficiencies.

As the need for blood increases and fewer people are able or willing to donate, today's blood centers are faced with the challenge of retaining donors, communicating effectively with existing and new donors and maintaining or reducing operational costs. DRM Touch 2.5 strives to help blood centers improve communication with donors through various social media channels. Since introducing DRM Touch 2.4 last year, Donor Dialogue has made several key improvements to its customer resource management tool designed specifically to meet the growing needs of today's blood centers. Key enhancements available from DRM Touch 2.5 include:

  • Campaign Contexts
    DRM Touch 2.5 makes it easier to segment donor and non-donor communities in support of various marketing endeavors. This feature allows blood centers to maintain critical, constant communication with the donor community.

  • Contract Restrictions
    With Donor Dialogue's personalized mobile applications, blood centers can set restrictions on the number of times a single donor can be contacted in a set period of time. This prevents over communication with donors that can turn them away.

  • Preference Note Types
    Blood centers have more control over the creation and usage of custom fields associated with a donor. After reviewing user feedback, this feature was unanimously demanded.

  • Concern Permissions
    DRM Touch 2.5 allows users to set custom permission restrictions, increasing confidentiality in the system. Users no longer need to limit their use of concerns because of a security worry.

  • Direct Messaging
    Direct messaging allows users to send specific messages (email or SMS text) to specific donors, registrants or prospects directly from within DRM Touch. Currently, there is no record of messages being sent, but with this feature, users will have the option to log messages in the contact history.

  • Prospect management
    With this addition, blood centers will be able to track not only regular or first time donors, but also prospects to then include in various marketing campaigns. It is imperative blood centers reach out to prospective donors, and maintain communication with them.

"Building and maintaining relationships with donors is key to donor retention," said Doug Emig, president of Donor Dialogue. "The enhancements made to DRM Touch 2.5 provide blood centers will the tools necessary to have efficient communication with donors and potential donors. We relied heavily on our Customer Advisory Board to determine to best improvements for DRM Touch, and we look forward to the benefits it brings to blood centers."

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