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Donor Dialogue Announces Successful Pilot of its DRM Touch 2.4 – Facebook and Mobile Application

Latest version helps blood centers lower recruitment costs, improve donor communication, drive donations

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 18, 2011 — Donor Dialogue, a division of Dialogue Marketing, Inc., announced at the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) 2011 Conference its successful pilot of DRM Touch 2.4, the latest version of its customer relationship management software, which will feature a new Facebook enabled Donor Portal and access to the Donor Portal via mobile devices.

According to the New York Blood Center, 60 percent of Americans are eligible to donate blood but only five percent actually do. As the need for blood increases and fewer people are able or willing to donate, today’s blood centers are faced with the challenge to retain donors, communicate effectively with existing and new donors, and maintain or reduce operational costs. To meet these challenges, Donor Dialogue has integrated social media capabilities into DRM Touch, helping blood centers lower the cost of donor recruitment and improve communication with donors through social media channels.

Facebook Application

Donor Dialogue’s Facebook application helps blood centers educate users on the importance of donating blood while allowing donors to find locations, schedule appointments to donate blood and interact with their friends and other blood donors.

Mobile Application

With Donor Dialogue’s personalized mobile applications, blood centers can enable donors to more easily schedule appointments, find donation locations nearby, view their appointments and donation history, and establish phone alerts for upcoming appointments from their smart phones. In addition, donors can easily link their mobile application with their Facebook account.

“Communicating the need for blood is the first step to ensuring an adequate blood supply,” said Doug Emig, president of Donor Dialogue. “In today’s environment, the traditional communication channels have changed. With our latest DRM Touch 2.4, blood centers can capitalize on donors’ participation in social media to generate more donations and boost retention.”

DRM Touch 2.4 will be commercially available in late Summer 2011. Results from Donor Dialogue’s recent pilot study will be released in an upcoming report.

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