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Donor Dialogue Announces Rebates For Blood Centers Of America Members

All BCA members will receive a 2 percent rebate upon purchasing Donor Dialogue's blood donor recruitment services

Auburn Hills, MI (PRWEB) September 2008 — Donor Dialogue has announced a rebate program for member blood centers of Blood Centers of America ("BCA").

Under the innovative program, BCA members that re-commit or newly commit to Donor Dialogue blood donor recruitment programs and services will receive a 2% training rebate. The rebate will help these member centers defray a multitude of costs including staff training, staff meeting travel, new product introduction, and new service implementation. Donor Dialogue programs and services that qualify for the rebate include donor base analysis, cold calling, lapsed calling, supplemental active calling, and several others.

This rebate program is a prime example of successful collaboration toward a common goal "This rebate program is a prime example of successful collaboration toward a common goal," said Patricia Bezjak, President of Donor Dialogue. "Now, BCA can more efficiently utilize Donor Dialogue's critical services, such as our Donor Relationship Management System, telephone recruitment, and online scheduling system. As BCA member centers utilize more services, the more they'll save through our rebate program. Ultimately, however, member center communities will be the big winners as this program and partnership will result in increased blood donations," she added.

About BCA

Blood Centers of America, Inc. is a cooperative that improves the operations and business activities of its member community blood centers. Through these member centers, BCA provides thirty percent of the nation's transfusion requirements.

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