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Five Blood and Medical Centers Select Donor Dialogue’s DRM Touch to Support Donor Recruitment Efforts

Auburn Hills, Mich., Sept. 8, 2011 — Donor Dialogue, a division of Donor Dialogue and provider of products and services to help hospitals and blood centers be more efficient, productive and profitable, announced five blood and medical centers have selected the company’s customer relationship management system, DRM Touch, to support their donor recruitment efforts.

The organizations are Newark, Del.-based Blood Bank of Delmarva; Cincinnati, Ohio-based Hoxworth Blood Center of University of Cincinnati; Eugene, Ore.-based Lane Blood Center; Bethesda, M.D.-based National Institutes of Health (NIH); and Laguna Hills, Calif.-based Saddleback Memorial Medical Center.

Blood Bank of Delmarva

Blood Bank of Delmarva cited a need for a system that would allow donors to schedule their own appointments as well as enable donor group leaders to market to their membership – unique within the industry.

“Our center is unlike most other community blood centers as we have a strong focus on Blood Bank membership in addition to donorship, so our marketing needs are unique,” said Ken Hall, director, Information Technology for Blood Bank of Delmarva. “We considered other systems, but no one had the flexibility or capability to configure, or the desire to customize a program to assist with our needs. After working with Donor Dialogue to implement the system, we’re confident we made the right decision. DRM Touch is flexible and configurable to assist us with our marketing requirements.”

Hoxworth Blood Center

Hoxworth Blood Center considered several customer relationship management providers, including Donor Dialogue. Its decision was based on the blood center’s final assessment of the providers, where Donor Dialogue proved to be the best solution.

Jim Tinker, division director, Donor Recruitment and Community Relations, said, “Hoxworth Blood Center is pleased to be working with Donor Dialogue and adding its DRM Touch system to our recruitment portfolio. Donor Dialogue scored highest in our assessment of all other customer relationship management (CRM) options and we look forward to putting it into practice.”

Lane Blood Center

“Communicating with donors using the most updated technology possible is essential in this business and one of the key reasons we needed donor relationship management software,” said Marshall White, director of Marketing and Donor Recruitment director for Lane Blood Center. “We were also looking for a system that not only increased efficiencies, but scaled to our business.”

DRM Touch is flexible and customizable enough to match any center’s donor recruitment needs. In addition, and similar to Hoxworth, Lane Blood Center’s decision was also based on its ability to own its own system.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

According to Boyd Conley, laboratory information systems administrator for National Institutes of Health, “The ability for our donors to schedule their own donations and the need to eliminate labor-intensive paper procedures and systems were key to selecting Donor Dialogue’s DRM Touch. Also appealing is that DRM Touch is already interfaced with Blood Bank Computer Software (BBCS Blood Management System) and in use by six other BBCS customers, demonstrating to us its effectiveness. We had no hesitation in selecting the new system and look forward to the improvements it will bring to our organization.”

Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Unlike many hospitals and medical centers, Saddleback Memorial Medical Center collects its own blood. As the community continues to grow and the hospital takes on more patients, Saddleback Memorial was in need of expanding its blood collection program.

Cheryl Dilbeck, laboratory director for Saddleback Memorial, said, “We selected Donor Dialogue’s DRM Touch because we needed a solid system to help us manage and track donors internally. Previously, we relied on manual processes, but as we continued to grow, that was quickly proven to be inefficient. With DRM Touch, we’re now able to better target and market to potential donors to increase the number of blood donations. In addition, because we’ve eliminated manual processes, our team can now focus efforts elsewhere to improve overall operations.”

“According to America’s Blood Centers, 39,000 units of blood are needed every day to supply everyday needs and unexpected disasters,” said Doug Emig, president of Donor Dialogue. “Unfortunately, fewer people donate. Donor Dialogue is uniquely qualified to support increasing demands for blood, despite a population that is decreasing in both ability and willingness to donate. We remain committed to providing the blood industry with well-designed solutions that help improve operations for any size blood center or hospital, and we look forward to serving our newest clients and the entire industry.”

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