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Why We Are Unique

Donor Dialogue is the only vendor in the industry that provides both services and products to blood and plasma facilities with a sole focus on donor recruitment. The management in our call center, where we use the DRM Touch, provides us an in-depth understanding of what the needs are in blood and plasma collection facilities. We come to work every day with the task of recruiting donors and making donation appointments so that our clients can meet the blood product needs of the hospitals they serve. Our DRM Touch system is highly configurable, supports multiple languages, and is used within the US and internationally.

Our Clients are able to own the system instead of monthly leasing. Donor Dialogue works with each client, and if needed, we are able to host the system for them. Our customers benefit from owning the system, as well as the data, as it eliminates the worry about donor information leaving their secure data environment.

Donor Dialogue was selected as a Preferred Partner by Group Services for America's Blood Centers (GSABC), in March 2009, after evaluation of four competing providers. Our two levels of service; Full Services and Special Project Recruitment, helped us gain their partnership along with our competitive pricing and proven track record. We provide measurable results, relevant references, endorsements and credibility among GSABC members.

Contact us today and learn how Donor Dialogue can help you recruit donors for life! Call 800.516.1804 or e-mail info@donordialogue.com