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Who We Are

Every Blood and Plasma Program Needs Donor Dialogue

Donor Dialogue, a division of Dialog Direct provides products and services that assist blood and plasma collection facilities in reaching their operational and recruitment goals, while driving down the donor acquisition cost.

Building and maintaining relationships with donors is key to donor retention."

How We Are Able to Help Our Customers Through Our Products and Services

Lead by a staff of industry veterans with over 30 years of blood banking and IT experience. The Donor Dialogue staff through dedication, passion and industry knowledge provides a valued partner relationship with each of our customers to assist them in Recruiting Donors for Life!

Recruit Donors by utilizing our call center. We make over 20,000 calls per day as well as schedule an average of 420 appointments per day. Our call center focuses on building relationships with donors. Our call center drives recruitment efficiency through the ability to manage multiple recruitment campaigns with understanding and utilization of the latest technology and systems.

Manage and Retain Donors through the use of our state of the art CRM solution, the DRM Touch, our customers can manage and track every step of the Donor Recruitment Lifecycle. Donors are also able to schedule their own donations, manage their appointments, and invite or share donation appointments with friends via social media avenues.

For those centers that feel they are too small to accommodate a complete CRM solution we can provide them with a Hosted Web Scheduling Solution, which is an Online Scheduling module that allows facility staff and donors to schedule their own appointment via the web.

Reward Donor Loyalty through the use of the DRM Touch system. When people volunteer to help save a life, it's important to say "Thank You". Our Loyalty and Rewards Program is hassle free for your blood center and the online store is integrated right into the DRM system for easy accessibility.

Proud to continue our support of and working relationship with

ABC (America’s Blood Centers) GSABC (Group Services America’s Blood Centers) AABB (American Association Blood Banks) BCA (Blood Centers of America, Inc.) ADRP (Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals)